ANAI RUI Turmeric Clay Mask – Green Tea Clay Mask – Dead Sea Minerals Mud Mask

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Spa Facial Mask Set, Face Mask Gift Set 2.5 oz each

Item Form Clay
Product Benefits Pore Treatment/Smooth/Clarify, Cleansing, Hydrating, Radiant Skin, Oil Control, Anti Acne, Blackhead Removal, Soothing, Detoxifying, Revitalization, Even Toning
Scent Green Tea /Turmeric
Material Type Free Sulfate Free

About this item

  • ANAI RUI SPA FACIAL MASK –Facial therapy for all skin types. Turmeric clay mask, green tea clay mask, and dead sea mud mask 3 in one set, all content niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid, deep cleansing while intensely hydrating, restore soft, clean, refreshed, and nourished skin look after use. Perfect for mud spa facial care 3 times per week.
  • DEAD SEA MUD MASK — Mineral-infused Mud Mask, Rich in minerals and high-quality sea salt, the mud aids skin renewal, creating a gentle exfoliation effect that helps to cleanse the skin pores, removes dead skin cells, and provides a soothing, nourished and clean feeling.
  • TURMERIC CLAY MASK — Turmeric face mask boosts radiance, helps achieve more even complexions, improves uneven skin tone, skin texture, and nourishes.Purify pores, cleanse pores, and correct pigmentation. ANAI RUI Turmeric clay mask gives you a deeply hydrating and supple, plump, radiant look after use.
  • GREEN TEA CLAY MASK — Green tea has been a proven natural antioxidant and active in skincare. Green tea clay mud mask helps protect the skin and unblocks pores. Combat excess oil, and pores are tightened. It leaves skin feeling soft, refreshed, and perfectly hydrated.
  • FACE MASK GIFT SET–ANAI RUI clay mask set for face with natural and clean ingredients for all skin types ! Turmeric VC Face Mask, Green Tea Mask, Dead Sea Mud Mask 3 in 1 clay mask kit .70g each bottle .Our face mask skincare gift set is not only a perfect skincare gift option but also an ideal self-care treat for anyone seeking a rejuvenating skincare experience.
  • VEGAN BASED FORMULA — ANAI RUI Skincare Solution combines the best scientifically studied ingredients with plant extracts known for their antioxidant benefits, to give you safer and faster skin renewal. Manufactured carefully, safe and cleanly, has no parabens or sulfates, and is cruelty-free.


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