Basepaws Dog DNA Test

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Comprehensive Breed, Trait, & Most Accurate Genetic Health Screening for Dogs – Reveal Over 300+ Breeds, 280+ Health Risks, and 30+ Traits

  • EASY TO USE: Our dog DNA test kit makes it easy to collect a sample, package it up, and send it securely back. Just register, swab, return, and receive a detailed online report of the results.
  • COMPREHENSIVE BREED IDENTIFICATION: Pinpoint dog’s lineage with accuracy. Our test distinguishes over 300+ distinct breeds with the most scientifically advanced dog DNA test kit for breed similarity.
  • MOST ACCURATE HEALTH SCREENING: Screen your dog for 280+ health risks and potential genetic health conditions, helping you take preemptive measures for your furry friend’s well-being.
  • TRAIT ANALYSIS: 30+ traits that make your dog unique. From coat color to personality tendencies, learn what genes say about your canine companion!
  • VET-TESTED, PET-PARENT APPROVED: Basepaws has been trusted by tens of thousands of pet parents and veterinarians to provide the most actionable insights to help create care plans for your furry friend


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