Champion Sports Scoop Ball Set

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  • COLORFUL PARTY GAME 6 PACK – Enjoy a backyard game of scoop ball with up to 6 friends with this party pack set of green, orange, purple, red, royal blue, and yellow scoops and high flying perforated plastic balls.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT YET DURABLE SCOOPS – Heavy duty plastic scoops are made with tough high density plastic and are safe for boys and girls of all ages and skill levels, enjoy hours of fun indoors or outside.
  • TOP FLIGHT PERFORATED BALLS – Each set includes color coordinated high flight and long air time hollow plastic balls which can be easily launched and caught in mid-air with the curved trackball scoop.
  • CLASSIC BEACH AND BBQ GAME – Enjoy a timeless game of scoop ball at holiday picnics or in the lake, ocean, or pool while improving hand eye coordination and benefiting from a low impact light exercise.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL AGES – Great lawn game for everyone in the family, scoop ball can be enjoyed by kids, teens, and adults alike; Certainly a must have sports equipment for schools, rec centers, and camps.
Champion Sports Rhino Skin Basic Dodgeball Set, 6 Inch Champion Sports Stopwatch Set, Handheld Digital Timer Sport Watch, 6 Pack Champion Sports Standard Scooter Board with Handles – Set of 6, Multi-Colored Champion Sports Equipment Storage Cart Champion Sports Playground Ball Set: 7 Inch Rhino Skin Soft Inflatable Balls
Feature 6 colorful dodgeballs perfect for dodgeball and many other children’s games outside on the playground or inside for gym. Easily track hours with 12 / 24 hour formats and calendar and time displays for a standard fitness timer in the gym, classroom or field. Sturdy handles provide steering and control. Holds up to 32 basketballs, 40 soccer balls or playground balls, 150 jump ropes, and 48 hoops. Coated with patented Rhino Skin, these 7 inch balls are tear resistant to withstand rough play and regular outdoor use at school or at home with the family.
Feature Coated with patented super tear resistant Rhino Skin grip that is able to withstand rough play and regular outdoor use while at school or at home. Traditional simple stopwatch includes 1/100 second precision timing with a lap counter, daily alarm and hourly chime for indoor and outdoor exercise or countdown athletic training. Non-marring rubber swivel casters protect indoor floors. Durable and lightweight plastic construction. Comes with mesh carrying storage bag and hand ball pump with in-handle pump needle.
Feature Includes heavy duty mesh bag for easy dodgeball carrying portability and storage. Made with heavy duty plastic, making it both water and shock resistant but still light when held in your hand or placed in your pocket. Wide 12″ x 12″ base can be used for riding in a sitting, kneeling or prone position for more versatility and fun. Heavy-duty swivel casters for easy mobility with non-marring wheels to protect indoor floors. Perfect bouncing balls for children’s games at school or at home, such as dodgeball, kickball, handball, wall ball, and four square.


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