Cinnamon Treatz Oven

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Mix & Make a Plush Best Friend! Place Your Dough in The Oven and Be Amazed When A Warm, Scented, Interactive, Friend Comes Out!

  • Cookeez Makery will amaze you and your child when they bake a surprise plush!
  • Mix the ingredients to make the dough and shape it into a pet using the included mold and tool.
  • Your dough goes into the oven and comes out as a warm deliciously scented plush baked friend!
  • There are 3 different Cinnamon Treatz to make – Cinnamon Pooch, Fondant Feline and Strawberry Swirl! Which plush will you make?
  • Your Cinnamon Treatz plush is interactive with sound and reactions! It will even warm up when your child squeezes it!


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