Elite Rolling Knife Sharpener- Diamond-Coated Wheels

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Magnetic Angling, Effortless Sharpening for All Steel Kitchen Knives & Scissors – Essential in Kitchen Gadgets, Complete Knife Sharpener Kit

Material Magnetic Holder, Imported Beech, Aluminium Alloy, Diamond Plated
Brand HOS
Color Wood Color
Product Dimensions 5.7″L x 4.9″W x 2.6″H
Item Weight 1.4 Pounds
Grit Type Coarse Grinding Disk (360# Diamond) – Fine Grinding Disk (600# Diamond)
Manufacture Year 2023

About this item

  • [Chef’s Choice] Elevate your knife sharpening experience with our Chef’s Choice knife sharpener kit, featuring a precision diamond sharpening tip. Ideal for kitchen knives, this kit ensures professional-grade precision, making it a top-rated choice for culinary enthusiasts.
  • [Durable and Elegant] Crafted for durability and elegance, our rolling knife sharpener kit boasts a solid wood body, adding aesthetic appeal and ensuring long-lasting use. A perfect choice that stands out in any kitchen.
  • [Effortless Sharpening] Adapt to various culinary needs effortlessly with our versatile knife sharpening kit. Offering multiple sharpening angles, it caters to both Western and Japanese-style knives, making it an essential tool for chefs and home cooks alike.
  • [Heavy Duty] Experience heavy-duty grinding with our tumblr knife sharpener. The 360 grit size is perfect for quick material removal, shaping tougher surfaces, and is ideal for a rolling sharpener for knives.
  • [Smooth Finish] Achieve a refined, smooth finish with our knofe sharpener roller. The 600 grit size is delicate, perfect for fine polishing and detailed finishing, enhancing the precision of your rolling knife sharpener.
  • [Top Choice] Invest wisely in a durable knife sharpening kit built to endure. Our sharpener’s robust construction and quality materials guarantee years of consistent performance, making it a top choice for a knife sharpener roller.
  • [2 Sharpening Angles] Sharpen with confidence using our rolling knife sharpener kit. With 15 & 20 Degree Angle Sharpening, achieve razor-sharp precision for any culinary challenge – a must-have in any chef’s choice knife sharpener.
  • [Best Gift] Surprise a culinary enthusiast with the perfect gift – our elegant and precise knofe sharpener for kitchen knives. Thoughtful and practical, it’s an ideal choice for chefs, making it the best gift for a kitchen lover.


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